Super Simple!

I know everybody is busy this time of year.  This easy , easy  french bread pizza could be a quick lunch or dinner. It also used  a lot of peppers and tomatoes that I had from this weeks haul. I just diced the veggies &  tossed those with my leftover asparagus from last night. I added alot of minced garlic too.  I layered some marinara sauce, veggies and fresh mozzerella on a loaf of french bread that I cut in half. 12 min at 400 degrees on a pizza stone. Probably healthier then takeout or store bought and just as satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Super Simple!

  1. Carolyn Galizio

    I love that too! I always buy those pizza crusts when I am so busy, but I used to love French bread pizzas, so I will do that again. Thanks for the tip!


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