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New CSA Box! Finally


I have been waiting all year for this and it is finally here. The CSA box! I feel like yelling the CSA box is here! The CSA box is here! So I guess I got that out of my system. I had intended to write a long-winded post during the winter on why buying into a CSA is the right thing to do but I found it, well, boring and preachy. So let me just say after our 1st year we upped our CSA from Birdsong Farms to include the fall option so YES it is the right thing to do. From our 1st box as well as some of the other Haymaker Farm Market vendors items we did a shrimp stir fry with garlic scapes, broccoli, brassica, red pepper, snow peas and zucchini. This was served over saffron pasta from Ohio City Pasta along with an orange juice stir fry sauce consisting of orange juice, chicken broth, soy sauce and corn starch to thicken it slightly. It is so nice to be eating fresh food raised by friends again. Thanks.


Fresh greens, radishes and turnips from Birdsong and Deck Art from Uncle RossĀ Image




Haymaker Farm Market, Birdsong Farms, and Ohio City Pasta What a Day!

Last Saturday was a beautiful day to go to the market to pick up our CSA. We went early to Haymaker Farm Market as we had a lot to do that day and we ran into Care’s sister, Casey, Joe, Tom, Jeff and a whole host of friends. So much for getting in and out. We hit the jackpot with our CSA from Birdsong Farms with wonderful potatoes, baby carrots, kale and peas. Carolyn and her sister Beth enjoyed talking with Matt and getting the lowdown on what is in the box for the week. It is always a pleasure to stop in and know our food is being grown by such a wonderful farm. Carolyn mentioned it is like Christmas when we open the box and we are never disappointed

Care and Matt going over the goods!

I am not sure what we were thinking as we stopped at several booths picking up green and wax beans, some tomatoes, onions, red raspberries. I love summer.

What were we thinking?

We also stopped at Ohio City Pasta and picked up some tomato basil and mixed herb both winners! Again the people there are wonderful and expecting very soon!

Two things I look forward to doing this summer. Making a mess in the kitchen with our own pasta and even more of a mess with homemade italian sausage. I will take photos of the disaster when it happens.