So long, and thanks for all the fishes

Hello, folks!  I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for a while.  Partly, I was just crazy busy and needed a break for a bit, but partly I was – drumroll please – working on a new blog that is now up and running!

As you all may know, Lettuce Never Squash Our Love started as a family-run blog when a few of us signed up for CSAs, to share details about the produce we were getting, recipes and really anything else we wanted.

I’m so grateful to Elyse for starting this blog, and my mom and Uncle Kim for encouraging me to start posting here. I have really, truly enjoyed contributing to this blog.

Eventually, I realized that I wanted a blog of my very own.  I still want to talk about food (I always want to talk about food), especially eating locally and ethically and how that fits into my everyday life, but I really wanted a blog where I could show more of my personality.

I hope that my family (that means you, mom, Uncle Kim and Aunt Care!) will keep this blog going, but I invite all of you to come visit me at my new online home – Step Into My Kitchen.

I hope to see you there!


P.S. For anybody that gets the post title:  I love you.


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