Thanks, Beth!

For dinner tonight, we savored the cheesy, bready flavors of asparagus in puff pastry and cheese sauce.  Of course, you all know where that idea came from!  It was perfect, because it used up the leftover puff pastry from the pot pie.

I did alter the recipe just a bit.  I had pepper jack cheese, so I omitted the jalapenos.  I also used just a little bit of parmesan.  So in all it was about 1/4 c. of parm, 1 c. of cheddar, 4 oz. of green chiles, 1/2 c. of pepper jack, and 1/2 c. of mayo.  Those are all very rough but in the ballpark anyway.  You can see in the picture that I baked it in two ramekins.  It was a perfect dip for the asparagus, and I dipped a few corn chips in it as well.  I feel like the Super Bowl should be on the television right now.  It may have been a crummy, rainy, cool day, but hot, delicious food makes it seem better.  (It also helps that I submitted several papers to conferences today – a major item off my to-do checklist.  One huge weight off my shoulders!)

Oh PS, there was a main dish too – ribs that had been in the slow cooker all day.  They’re BOGO at Giant Eagle right now – we always make one batch and put the rest in the freezer when that sale comes along.  See what I mean about Super Bowl food?


14 thoughts on “Thanks, Beth!

  1. andrewsbeth

    I love the idea of using ramikins for the dip. I have seen little ones at World Market and thought what would you use those for? That would be perfect. Everyone gets their own. Plus, isn’t everything better in puff pastry?

  2. theneighborboys Post author

    I actually use my one-cup ramekins quite often. I love making individual souffles in them, as well as mini chocolate cakes, creme brulee, and other desserts – my stand-by grilled dessert that I posted a while back pretty much ensures that they get used at least a half dozen times a summer. And yes, everything is better with puff pastry – and I hardly ever buy it. So it’s been a treat to have it twice in recent weeks.

  3. andrewsbeth

    Can you tell us how you did your slow cooked ribs? I love those kinds of recipes for when all the kids come over. Carolyn told me how busy you are with school right now, so, really impressed with all your terrific posts and recipes!

    1. theneighborboys Post author

      It’s almost embarrassing the way I take the ultimate approach in simplicity to slow cooked ribs. I just layer the meat with onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and barbecue sauce. I used to brown the ribs first (which I know every recipe on earth will tell you to do), but I think it just toughens the meat, adds very little – if anything – in the way of flavor, and dirties another pan! Why go to the trouble? If I have other veggies on hand or want to experiment with another spice or herb, I’ll sometimes toss something else into the pot. But that’s all there is to it. I like to cook it on low all day, so the meat is completely falling apart. That makes for the best sandwiches all week long! Can you guess what we’re having for lunch today?

  4. theneighborboys Post author

    Forgive me for so many comments on my own post, but I meant to say that my picture has just a touch of Alton Brown influence. It reminded me of his camera angles from inside the oven. Maybe he’s a TV chef personality that Kim doesn’t hate? Sadly, his goofiness can get under my skin, but I respect his food knowledge a lot – that puts him above many of them, right?

    1. Kim Galizio

      I really don’t hate them all…I love to dish Martha because it really bugs Bethy. I actually do not like Rachel Ray to watch but like a lot of her recipes. I enjoy Alton but as you mentioned he can go off the edge a bit. So really, I only (so far) admit to not liking two TV chefs. Can the count go higher? Only Casey will know.

  5. andrewsbeth

    I saw Alton Brown at The Big Food Show at the IX Center. And he is really edgy. Dark humor! I thought he was fantastic. One of the more entertaining TV chefs that I have seen. And, he did the camera thing in the oven there too. I am going to try your rib recipe. Sounds like something everybody would love. And, I love a crockpot!

  6. jeffchild

    What was interesting about this recipe was how the cheese sause aortic congealed….not sure if that was because of the mayo in it…did yours congeal too, Bethy?

    1. theneighborboys Post author

      Congealed is such an ugly word…I would say that it bordered on souffle-like. That’s why our conjecture was the mayo, because it would contain the eggs that might be most likely to create that consistency. Anyway, I too am curious to hear about the how runny/thick/chunky your cheese sauce was, Beth.

  7. Carolyn Galizio

    I am smiling at how much Tom and Bethy are inspiring each other in their cooking-you both are inspiring us too- but we are too wooped to post! I promise we will get it together soon!

    Asparagus breadsticks are the best- we have only had them at the Bistro.

    I can attest to Tom’s use of the 1 cup ramekins- I have eaten his wonderful grilled fruit desserts a couple of times, and it doesn’t even matter which fruits his puts in them- they are just the yummiest!

    And Kim is rarely awake when the Food Network stars are on our TV. But he likes more than he lets on!

    1. Kim Galizio

      I love the Bistro asparagus breadsticks and the dip. I also agree on Tom’s fruit deserts they are the best! So being asleep would explain why I can’t remember most of the Food Network hosts. I have only admitted to not liking RR and dishing Martha for entertainment reasons. I have to have some fun!

  8. andrewsbeth

    The cheese dip was a little thick, but still able to dip. I used the whole cup of mayo the recipe called for and the liquid from the canned jalapeno so maybe that made some difference. I was wondering about putting a little chicken stock in it next time to make it thinner. Because I really liked all the flavors. Time to experiment.


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