Caramelized Onion and Asiago Bread

My cooking adventures tonight were sort of a combination of two recent obsessions:  Caramelized onions and bread.

When I got the beautiful onions in my CSA box last week, I started looking for something creative to do with them.  I found out that you can caramelize onions in the crock pot.  That’s right – I said the crock pot!  I have never had the patience to make proper caramelized onions, so this was something of a revelation for me.  I made the caramelized onions last weekend (it makes a ton), and they are awesome.  I’ve been putting them on stuff all week – and giving some to Mom and Dad as well.

Also, for the past week or two, I’ve been a bit obsessed with baking bread.  Real bread that involves yeast, and kneading, and rising, and all that jazz.  I’ve tried a couple of times, but it just wasn’t really working.  The bread didn’t rise right, or didn’t crust up the way it should, etc.

But that all changed today when my two obsessions came together into one glorious whole:  Caramelized Onion and Asiago Bread.  It was a way to use my caramelized onions!  And hey, who doesn’t love cheese in their bread?  I figured this was a win-win.  And boy, was I right!

The bread turned out perfectly.  I tried to wait until it cooled down all the way, but I just had to slice off a wedge to try it.  A little bit of butter…yummy!

More bread is on the way!  Tomorrow I’ll use the organic flour and zucchini from this week’s CSA box to make some zucchini bread (Brian’s request).

If anyone wants to try making the crock pot caramelized onions, I highly recommend it.  Super easy – slice up 5-6 big onions (I just used yellow onions) and throw them in a crock pot with a stick of butter.  Turn it on low, and let it go for about 12 hours.  You can stir now and then if you want, but mostly just leave it alone and let it do its stuff.  Warning:  It will make your house smell like cooking onions for pretty much a full day.  I enjoy that smell, but I’m betting that not everyone does.

And lastly, here’s a link to the Asiago and Caramelized Onion Bread The recipe tells you how to caramelize onions for it, but just I used about two cups of the onions I already had done.

I know most of you get your CSA boxes tomorrow, so may your boxes be bountiful and your dishes delicious!


11 thoughts on “Caramelized Onion and Asiago Bread

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks for the link! I’m a sucker for homemade bread, too, but until now, I’ve had to rely on other people to make it. I’m excited to keep trying new bread recipies – especially if I can work in my CSA produce!

  1. carolyngalizio

    Your bread looks so delicious and beautiful I can’t stand it!!! And I loved reading this post! Thank you for all the information, recipes, and good wishes, Melissa! You are the best!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Truthfully, I was surprised at how good the picture turned out (and how good the bread turned out as well)! Have fun at the farmer’s market this morning!

  2. andrewsbeth

    Melissa, your bread looks so beautiful! I would buy that in a minute. The combination sounds wonderful. I am going to make those onions for sure. I just talked to Laura and she said, she and Dave devoured the bread you gave them. So delicious! Maybe you’ll share some with your Mother!:) Love your writing too!

      1. andrewsbeth

        Thanks so much for sharing your bread last night with the family. It was just the perfect balance of cheese and onions. Nothing was over powering. I would really buy that combination in any bread store. Way to go Melissa! Can’t wait to taste your next experiment!

  3. Kim Galizio

    I had been trying to link the flavors in my head to figure what this was going to taste like and lo and behold magically Care brought home a piece and I had to imagine no more. While I devoured this plain, no butter etc. I really think this would be excellent toasted and used for say a smoked turkey sandwich. Maybe I need to smoke some turkey and hook up on this? It was absolute fantastic!

    1. Melissa Post author

      That’s a great idea! Next time you smoke some turkey, just give me a shout and I’ll rustle up another batch of bread. Glad you liked it!


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