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R.I.P. Luke the Cuke

Poor Luke went to the great salad in the sky. He was last seen chatting with his friends Knute the Cuke and Wally Watermelon. He was then abducted and carved up. Wally was brutally carved and eaten later. His green carcass was found in the garbage. Knute’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Donovan is currently investigating.



Elyse: What do you want for dinner?
Chris: What veggies do we have?
E: Well, we have green beans, corn, lettuce, tomato, eggplant….
C: Lettuce and tomato? We should make BLTs!

And, that’s how an idea was born. We picked up some delicious bacon and whole grain bread from Heinen’s, cut up the red and yellow tomatoes from our latest Dean’s Greenhouse pick-up, cleaned and dried the lettuce from our box, and cooked the corn that came in our box as well.

As an extra touch, I buttered the bread and then toasted it before making our sandwiches. The sandwich, corn, and slaw from earlier today made a perfect summer dinner!

Luke the Cuke gives his Seal of Approval.