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New year, New CSA

Elyse and I will be signing up for a different CSA this year.

Elyse found Murray Hill Farm in Cleveland Magazine and the Plain Dealer. They distribute their CSA at the Frostville Museum Farmers Market every Saturday. We went to check them out today.

The Frostville Museum is a cool little area in the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation. It consists of eight historical buildings, seven which have been moved to the site. They have events throughout the year and is quite a quaint area for a farmer’s market!

There were not very many vendors today as the growing season is not in full swing but what was there was good, like this couple.

The Murray Hill Farm stand. Elyse is sweet talking Chuck the farmer. He gave her a dozen free range eggs to try. Nice to have a good looking wife who gets you free food.


Drinking in Iceland

First things first. Drinking alcoholic beverages in Iceland is a very expensive proposition. We knew that going into our trip and stayed away from ordering wine or spirits at dinner.

One advantage of flying into Iceland is that you can purchase at an INCOMING duty free store. All of the Icelanders on our flight left their luggage on the carousel and made a beeline for the duty free store to stock up on beer, wine, and cigarettes. The prices in the duty free store were approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of the price in Iceland. We picked up some cheap Icelandic vodka (approximately $5 for 500ml) and and a liter of the Icelandic “national drink” Brennivín. We knew it was going to taste bad as 1 liter was less than $10 but I did not have any idea how bad until we opened it and had a shot after getting home.


Brennivín is distilled from potatoes and is flavored with caraway seed. There is a reason it’s nickname is svarti dauði (the black death). It tasted like bad vodka with a musty overtone and no depth. Unless you count the mustiness. We have a liter of this stuff in the freezer and will dispense it to hapless visitors.

Beer in Iceland is an interesting animal. It can only be sold at full strength in restaurants, bars, and the state liquor store (as well as the duty free shop). The beer available in grocery stores is only 2.25% ABV! Weak sauce.


Full strength Gull at Icelandic Fish and Chips. Elyse thought it tasted like Labatt’s Blue. Generic lager taste. Clean and refreshing.


Viking “light” at Keflavik airport. This is the 2.25% ABV version and tasted like lager flavored water.


Malt. Another 2.25% version. This was quite tasty and really sweet.

Food in Iceland

Elyse and I went on a spring break trip to Iceland. Why Iceland? Well, I have wanted to go for quite some time as I was am still am fascinated with the geology of this little island nation and the hardy people who live there.

Iceland’s main food is fish. Cod is probably the biggest catch. One of the stinkiest places we visited (besides the hot springs) was a drying rack area for salted cod. This is a big export for Iceland and Nigeria is the biggest importer. It is used to make soup.

Rows and rows of fish heads. Mmmm.

But enough about gross fish. Here are some good fish dishes:

Fish and Chips at (appropriately enough) Icelandic Fish and Chips

Skate at Þrir Frakkar (Three Overcoats:

Chopped fish (a mixture of fish and potatoes with Bearnaise sauce) and black bread at Þrir Frakkir:

While we were at Þrir Frakkir we had smoked puffin!

Yes, THAT puffin. He is sad because he is food in Iceland. He tasted like gamey chicken jerky.

We also had the quite possibly the world’s best hot dog at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur (The best hot dogs in town). It is served on a bed of french fried and raw onions. Apple ketchup and a mayonnaise based sauce complete the condiments.

Look at the line! There are only 325,000 Icelanders total, so that’s like 1% of the country right there!

Icelanders also like their sweets and soda pop. They consume the most Coke per capita of all of the world. They REALLY like their black licorice. I’m not really a fan of black licorice, however it becomes quite a taste sensation when it is in a chocolate candy bar, like this one:

This gummy bear package just made me crack up. Donovan’s Icelandic name is Salta, since he is a pirate.

Soda pop time!

And lastly some Doritos. “Cool American!”


R.I.P. Luke the Cuke

Poor Luke went to the great salad in the sky. He was last seen chatting with his friends Knute the Cuke and Wally Watermelon. He was then abducted and carved up. Wally was brutally carved and eaten later. His green carcass was found in the garbage. Knute’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Donovan is currently investigating.

A few action shots from the scandal filled corn cookoff.

First I will just say that the handwriting on the tampered envelopes looked surprisingly like Donovan’s… however his alibi currently checks out.

Steaming hot corn ready for judging…

Kennedy is stressed out from the tension in the air…

Elyse carefully considers the corn…

Jan: “I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about this judging, where is that Manhattan I ordered dammit?!?”