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Fellow Foodie :)

Hey there –

I wanted to let you all know that my colleague got inspired by our blog and all of our fun writings that she decided to start a food blog of her own.  It’s pretty cool and she does a lot of fun cooking.  She planted a HUGE garden and has to cook and cook and cook to try to keep on top of everything that has been coming up.  Anyway – there’s a lot of fun and creative recipes you can check out if you’re interested:


Best Lunch Ever!

So you’ll probably never really see any earth-shattering recipies and created food posted by me but I thought it was time for Dusty to also have his camio and I also have a fun food story to share so here’s to my first post.  So here is my adorable guy, Dusty, and we just got back from an amazing lunch with Kim and Carolyn.  Carloyn made this wonderful potato bread and then made me a spur-of-the-moment sandwich with fresh tomatoes from the farm, cheese, and lettuce from our boxes this week.  It was de-lic-ious 🙂 

Dusty loves to come over because everytime he does his cute little dance-on-hind-legs trick Carolyn thinks he’s so adorable and rewards him with a treat of his own.  No wonder he always wants to run over to Kim and Carolyn’s place.  All I’m saying is I’m right behind ya bud.  Thanks for the lunch treat.  It was wonderful, as always.  Insstead of a picture of the food I’m posting our happy mugs as a result of eating our yummy treats from Kim and Carolyn 🙂

We also loved the Grandpa Perry updates from Bethy on the phone.  Seriously, I want a copy of your book when you write it.  What a perfect day to hang out on the deck with wonderful friends and enjoy the summer day.