Butternut Squash Risotto, Take Two


This is the last squash post – for at least a day or so.  I promise!  But I still had a bit of leftover cooked Butternut Squash to use up, and risotto seemed like the perfect meal for a cold, windy December day.  Unlike my last Butternut Squash Risotto, for this one I added the cooked squash to the chicken broth so that it became part of the sauce.

Other than that, I just followed the instructions on the container of Arborio rice – I sautéed some minced shallots in olive oil, than added the rice (and some salt and white pepper) and toasted that for a couple of minutes before adding the liquid.  As you can see, the butternut squash did indeed turn the chicken broth a beautiful shade of orange!


When it was done cooking, I stirred in some butter and Parmesan cheese.  Simple, pretty and tasty.


Plus,  now that all my leftover squash has been used up, I can move on to pumpkins!


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