Basket of Life Farm CSA Box #4

Well, I braved the heat this evening to venture out to Basket of Life Farm and pick up my CSA box for this week – and it looks like another good one!  Green onions, spring onions, rainbow chard, Bibb lettuce, a whole head of cabbage, potatoes, garlic, zucchini, yellow zucchini, and a patty-pan squash.  Whew!

This week’s “wild card” has to be the patty-pan squash.  I’ve never bought one, never cooked with one, and I’m not even sure I’ve ever eaten one!  So any ideas for that would be much appreciated.

I came pretty close to using all of last week’s box – I hate to waste such beautiful veggies.  My only leftovers last week were some of the green onions that, sadly, got too wilty to use.  So again, my goal this week is to eat it all!  And to find some fun new ways to use things like the zucchini, or the greens.

If you recall, my “wild card” in last week’s box were the three giant beets.  Now, beets are not my favorite, but Brian loves them so I asked him what I should do with them.  He suggested pickling them.  I found a recipe for Refrigerated Pickled Beets, messed with it a little bit (Brian wanted garlic and onions pickled with the beets – he said they all turn pink!) and presto!  Pickled beets sitting in my fridge.

Not the best picture, but what the heck 🙂

It all has to sit in the fridge for another week or so before it’s ready to eat, but you can see the little pearl onions floating around in there better than you can see the beets!  The pickling liquid turned red almost instantly.  Crazy!

Now I’d like to close on one of Mom’s best quotes:  “What is a beet…a beet is a beet!” (Stated while eating a salad with cold beets.  She had the beet on her fork and was studying it intently before uttering these legendary words.  Thanks, Mom!)


8 thoughts on “Basket of Life Farm CSA Box #4

  1. Tammy

    That’s funny. I posted a photo of a beet on my Facebook page the other day and someone asked, “what is it and what does it taste like?” I said, it’s a beet and it tastes like a beet.

  2. carolyngalizio

    Loving your posts, Melissa! And love the quote from your Mom. she is the best!
    Last year was my first year to eat patty pan squash because Casey gave me some from her garden and then I think Matt gave us some in our CSA. I just fried them up in a skillet with a little seasoning exactly how you would zucchini or yellow squash. Tasty and sweet!

    1. Melissa Post author

      If I can keep Brian from eating all of the pickled beets, you’ll have to try some. They look really pretty!


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