Sunday Dinner

Ok, so I haven’t gotten a CSA box yet (Friday, Friday, can’t wait for Friday!), but I did accompany Mom to Haymaker Farm Market yesterday to get her box, and I picked up some great stuff there.

For dinner tonight, I grilled chicken from Duma’s that I marinated in olive oil, balsalmic vinegar, lemon and lemon zest, sage and garlic scapes.  I roasted brussel sprouts from Krieger’s (Brian will break down walls for brussel sprouts, and these were really good) and made saffron pasta from Ohio City Pasta. We had the roasted red pepper pasta last night, and they were both great.   I also grilled some garlic scapes from the farmer’s market – just tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled for about 3 minutes.  The garlic scapes were surprisingly tasty – and pretty!

As per usual, it took about three times as long to cook it as it did for Brian and I to eat it!  Now that I have a full belly, I’m going to have a glass of wine and enjoy the rest of my evening!  I hope you all are doing the same!  (I’m also going to use lots of exclamation points!!)


5 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner

  1. Carolyn Galizio

    I love brussel sprouts now too! I never really liked them until I learned about roasting them. So fun to see you at the market, Melissa!

  2. andrewsbeth

    Very nice presentation! How did you like the saffron pasta?( I know you were wondering if Brian would like that. ) I am also a huge fan of the roasted brussel sprouts. Looks great!

    1. Melissa Post author

      The saffron pasta was very good, but I think I preferred the roasted red pepper. The house still smells like roasted brussel sprouts!

  3. jeffchild

    I love the comment about how quick it goes when eating excellent food. It looks like a great meal!


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