Secrets to good summer eating

1. Join a CSA.  (Hooray for our first box from Matt tomorrow.)

2. Plant at least one fresh herb.  (We have basil and chives so far this year.)

3. Shop local, buy fresh, buy seasonal.  (I wonder if we can still go pick strawberries this weekend.)

4. Move in next door to K&C.  There’s even a house for sale next door to them.  And let me tell you, the sauce we had for dinner was a delightful and delicious treat, served over Ohio City pasta and with lots of yummy garlic bread on the side.  We have the best address in Ohio!  Thanks from the Neighbor Boys.


6 thoughts on “Secrets to good summer eating

  1. jeffchild

    Yummmmmy! The sauce was delicious! What a fantastic sauce, hun…..(you have to imagine me saying that in my best grandpa Perry voice!).

  2. Carolyn Galizio

    Love you so very much!!!! Thanks so very much for the flowers and the planting of the flowers!

  3. Kim Galizio

    What a great surprise I had when I came home and saw all the flowers planted and I thought Care went to the pool, did all that work, and made sauce too! Now I know!

    1. jeffchild

      It was such a fun spur of the moment impulse…we had so much fun doing it! What was funnnier was when we went to Books-a-Million and Tom left me for five minutes and whenn he came back my hands were full of fun things for E and L. We love spoiling them too!

  4. andrewsbeth

    Carolyn does make the best sauce, no question. You are right Jeff, ” UMMM, UMMM” says GP. While eating. 🙂 The Purr!


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