Food in Iceland

Elyse and I went on a spring break trip to Iceland. Why Iceland? Well, I have wanted to go for quite some time as I was am still am fascinated with the geology of this little island nation and the hardy people who live there.

Iceland’s main food is fish. Cod is probably the biggest catch. One of the stinkiest places we visited (besides the hot springs) was a drying rack area for salted cod. This is a big export for Iceland and Nigeria is the biggest importer. It is used to make soup.

Rows and rows of fish heads. Mmmm.

But enough about gross fish. Here are some good fish dishes:

Fish and Chips at (appropriately enough) Icelandic Fish and Chips

Skate at Þrir Frakkar (Three Overcoats:

Chopped fish (a mixture of fish and potatoes with Bearnaise sauce) and black bread at Þrir Frakkir:

While we were at Þrir Frakkir we had smoked puffin!

Yes, THAT puffin. He is sad because he is food in Iceland. He tasted like gamey chicken jerky.

We also had the quite possibly the world’s best hot dog at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur (The best hot dogs in town). It is served on a bed of french fried and raw onions. Apple ketchup and a mayonnaise based sauce complete the condiments.

Look at the line! There are only 325,000 Icelanders total, so that’s like 1% of the country right there!

Icelanders also like their sweets and soda pop. They consume the most Coke per capita of all of the world. They REALLY like their black licorice. I’m not really a fan of black licorice, however it becomes quite a taste sensation when it is in a chocolate candy bar, like this one:

This gummy bear package just made me crack up. Donovan’s Icelandic name is Salta, since he is a pirate.

Soda pop time!

And lastly some Doritos. “Cool American!”



4 thoughts on “Food in Iceland

  1. Kim Galizio

    Chris I still can’t believe you ate a poor little puffin. Look how cute he is! I have found some apple ketchup recipes so maybe you can steer me in the right direction this summer and I will make some. Sounds like you had a blast!

  2. Jessica

    What great pics ! Your commentary is hilarious. You know there is a cereal called Puffins here in America if you get a hankerin’ to eat something cute again. I think our version is a bit more sugary though 😉


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