Habanero Pierogies

We chose to forego our new Saturday tradition this week and save our pierogies for later in the week.  We enjoyed them tonight with Matt’s green beans served on the side.

That isn’t inherently a very newsworthy dinner, except for the fact that this week our dear friend the pierogi lady (aka our supplier) threw in an upgraded sample of the habanero flavored goodies.

She did warn us about the heat.  So much, in fact, that Jeff wouldn’t even sample them.  I made myself just two of the hot ones and balanced it out with a couple of the potato cheddar as well.  In my opinion, two of the habanero is the perfect amount.  They were delicious and they were spicy!  My lips and tongue would tingle for several minutes after each bite, so that I would eat slowly and savor the meal.  I wouldn’t have wanted to ingest much more of the flavors, but I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace.

Has anyone else sampled some of their other flavors?  I know Carolyn doesn’t like their sweet flavors, but I’m curious to hear other opinions and experiences.  Maybe we should have a tasting party?


1 thought on “Habanero Pierogies

  1. andrewsbeth

    I love spicy food, but a little afraid of the habanero. I am not a huge pierogie fan. Maybe, I haven’t had really good ones. I should try some of these while the market is still open.


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