Apres la soupe, une casserole

Everything tastes better in French, right?  The cooking tonight was decidedly unfancy at our house, though.  I followed up my chicken soup with chicken pot pie.  It was a simple affair – lots of veggies, gravy, and chicken in a casserole dish, with store bought puff pastry on top.  Tasty and easy!  (And not particularly photogenic, so please excuse the bad picture.  I promise it tasted good.)

It was good to see several of you at the market this morning.  It’ll be sad to see the season end this year, because the Saturday routine has become so ingrained now.  I think Jeff will especially miss the pierogi lunches!

By the way, we’re nearly out of chicken – just enough for another sandwich or two this week.  Incidentally, it always takes me back to childhood when I’m using up a bird all week.  My parents used to roast a turkey a month and make meals from it for quite a while, using many of the same ideas for meals as the ones I’ve used this week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Apres la soupe, une casserole

  1. Carolyn Galizio

    I was just telling Kim that we need to make some sort of chicken and dumplings or chicken pie- it must be the brisk weather! Looks great!

  2. Carolyn Galizio

    There will be a winter farmer’s market at Lucky Penny creamery on Saturday mornings, and even though there probably won’t be that much stuff, we’ll still go!


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