Meatloaf Inspired!

Thanks to Tom, I made a meatloaf last night.  Meatloafs are great because you can put anything you want in them and get a few meals out of it.  I just did my Mom’s basic recipe: Beef, pork mixture, onions, egg, ketchup, bread, milk &  black pepper. Topped with brown sugar & ketchup mixture. Next time I will try Tom’s bacon idea.  Bob did request some gravy. (Bought gravy, yikes! I know.)  I used all of Matt’s potatoes and green peppers as a side dish. I put the chunks of potatoes, green peppers & added onions in a casserole dish with a little vegetable oil & black pepper. I just baked those for around 35 min at 425.  Somewhat healthier then fried.  They were really good and easy.  We also had a salad , so something fresh.  I love cooking this kind of comfort food as the weather turns to Fall.  Although, Bob will be grilling in the middle of winter.  We never put that thing away!


4 thoughts on “Meatloaf Inspired!

  1. theneighborboys

    Just to clarify: it’s Jeff’s bacon idea. I just fulfill his request for that one!

    Looks like a great dinner. I agree that the joy of meatloaf is to throw in all kinds of stuff – you forgot the zucchini, though.

  2. Carolyn Galizio

    Looks delicious. I am really going to make a meatloaf this weekend! You know how it goes- I am lucky that we had pasta and veggies and rice this week!


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