Radish Sandwich!

When my Mom was little, she told me her Mother  used to make her radish sandwiches.   Today I picked up our fresh produce from Birdsong Farms and there just happened to be a bunch of  beautiful, peppery radishes. So, I made both of us a radish sandwich for lunch. She said it really brought back happy memories. Thanks for sharing  Mom! Recipe : Thinly sliced radishes on bread with mayo, salt & pepper. Simple, light & fresh. Grandma Clark was right!


2 thoughts on “Radish Sandwich!

  1. Carolyn Galizio

    Ooooh, I love that! If you cut them in little squares and take off the crusts, then you have a lady’s tea sandwich. On white bread of course. But I love your modern version, and I especially love that you made that for Mom. You are the best in the land, Bethy!


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