Beans, Beans, A Wonderful Side!

Beans!  “So good with bacon,” said Bob. I browned some bacon , added onions, lots of Matt’s garlic, some water, a slice of butter, S&P.  Simmered everything  for about 20 min. till the beans were tender.  Great side to any BBQ!  What is everybody else doing with all those beans?


2 thoughts on “Beans, Beans, A Wonderful Side!

  1. Kim Galizio

    Yes beans beans the magical fruit ….
    What could be better we had ours tonight just plain they are like candy to me.

  2. Carolyn Galizio

    I love them too! Every time we have Matt’s beans we are reminded of how old and tough the ones in the supermarket are! I have even gotten old or too big green beans from Kreiger’s sometimes. Now I am spoiled because I know what beans are supposed to taste like!


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