Fresh Tomato Sauce !!

Does it get any better than fresh tomato sauce made with Matt’s summertime tomatoes? And, they are so pretty!  I know lots of you make fresh sauce because it is a great way to use up a bunch of  tomatoes.  I just thought I would share my version.  I blanched, peeled  and pureed the tomatoes then added sauteed veggies –  Birdsong garlic &  peppers , leftover celery & carrots  along with red wine, tomato paste, basil & Italian seasoning, salt & pepper.  I simmered it for about five hours. I pureed the sauce when it was finished because Bob doesn’t like chunky sauce, but either way would be good :).  After dinner, I put the remaining cooked pasta and sauce  in a casserole dish topped with mozz & parm cheese.  Tomorrow , I’ll just bake that and have a pasta casserole. Delicious!


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