I can’t find our camera

I’m sure it’s around here somewhere, but you’ll have to settle for description without pictures from us tonight.  And it is an exciting night because we have used up our CSA box for the week.  That’s always a good feeling, but especially so on a Wednesday!

Of course, there was a trick involved.  My late afternoon project was roasting everything we had left and making a big pot of marinara.  That means lots of garlic and onion, as well as tomatoes, peppers, and basil from both Matt and our backyard plants.  I figure if you’re going to all the trouble to blanch, peel, roast, blend, and simmer for several hours then you’d better get several meals out of it too.  For meal number one, tonight’s dinner was roasted red pepper pasta with marinara.  That was served with green beans and toasted bread on the side.

Plus, while we were eating, there was a baked pasta in the oven – penne with mushrooms, marinara, and a mix of every cheese left in the refrigerator.  (Note to self: lots of prepared food waiting to be reheated but no ingredients left in the house!)

So if you’re here for lunch tomorrow you have your choice of reheated pasta dishes.  As for me, I’ll be enjoying a break from planning and cooking for a couple of days – just quick additions and side dishes to go with what I made today.  Instead, it’ll be back to the books with most of my time.  Twenty-eight days until comps – keep sending good vibes my way!


3 thoughts on “I can’t find our camera

  1. andrewsbeth

    Hum…hum…vibes….to Tom……! That is a great idea! Roasintg all that stuff. Then you can do whatever you want with it. I’ll remember that one. You just keep the goods coming!

  2. Carolyn Galizio

    That sounds wonderful Tom! We were just happy to eat our potatoes and green beans yesterday! I went to the store in between all of my meetings and work at school and forgot to buy pie crust. I even had a list with me! Oh well. You start your comps I think one month before Casey does… I will be sending many good thoughts for you during that time.

  3. Cat

    Sounds awesome! When can I come over for lunch?? 😉

    I’ve exhausted myself trying to manage our out of control tomato population. I used up 45+ tomatoes today. Phew! If Tim wants that many tomato plants next year, he better help peel and seed those suckers…


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