A few action shots from the scandal filled corn cookoff.

First I will just say that the handwriting on the tampered envelopes looked surprisingly like Donovan’s… however his alibi currently checks out.

Steaming hot corn ready for judging…

Kennedy is stressed out from the tension in the air…

Elyse carefully considers the corn…

Jan: “I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about this judging, where is that Manhattan I ordered dammit?!?”


15 thoughts on “A few action shots from the scandal filled corn cookoff.

  1. Jeff

    OMG who took that picture of grandma that is so hilarious! This was such a fun event. Kennedy looks so adorable!

  2. Carolyn Galizio

    I just laughed so hard at the photo of Nana Jan! Next year we really should make Manhattans and watch Nana get schnookered! Great photos, Chris!

  3. Kim Galizio

    Kennedy has said he will stop drinking whiskey. He was not proud of the bar room brawl he got into at the party. You know Kennedy he gets a few shots in him and watch out!

    1. Jeff

      Haha that’s hilarious so Kennedy is an angry drunk huh? Yea, Dusty was a fire cracker too. His discipline was having to take a bath today he smells so gooood now. That was so much fun!!

  4. andrewsbeth

    Jeff, my first thought to say too, was OMG! Those are great pictures. Can’t wait to show Nana herself tomorrow. Great job , Chris & Elyse! Enjoyed this post tons!

  5. theneighborboys

    All great pictures. With those big eyes, Kennedy looks like such a movie star. And as a fellow judge, I completely sympathize with Elyse for all the effort and thought we put in!

  6. Mom

    After reading all of the problems I feel that I must confess. I didn’t think that you would be so upset. When everyone was out on the deck I had my chance to sneak in and locate the envelope. Donovan was already there and already had the papers out of the envelope so I pulled them away and replaced them not realizing that they were switched. I apologize and will make it up to you in any possible way. So sorry, Mom

    1. Kim Galizio

      I should have know Donovan’s alibi would not hold water!! It is OK that is what Mom’s are for to keep their sons and Grandsons cats out of trouble. So now the cat is out of the bag. My question is now did he have an accomplice?

      1. neepandtattie Post author

        If Donovan was involved (innocent until proven guilty), it is likely that he acted alone. He is “The Most Interesting Cat in the World®”.

    1. Kim Galizio

      And where was your Mother when all this was going on? She always had a soft spot in her heart for the little criminal Donovan. Hmm.


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