Everybody’s Happy!

I know, this is probably getting to be old news for you all. But tonight, two totally different dinners. You know, the meat eater does not really like pasta and the pasta eater does not like meat.  So we have for you tonight: Menu 1-  Grilled chicken, that has been marinated in some dried , rosemary, oregano, thyme , a bay leaf , dijon mustard & olive oil. The sides will be fried potatoes and last weeks green beans from Matt. (I found some in the fridge, still fresh!) I boiled the green beans and then sauteed them in, wait for it, bacon!  Menu 2-  Wheat pasta with garlic, purple onions, cherry tomatoes, kale & cannolini beans. I sauteed Matt’s garlic with some purple onion in olive oil. I added all of the beautiful CSA cherry tomatoes to that  until they started to burst.  About 8 min.  I then just tossed in the fresh kale from our CSA box to wilt. I tossed this all with the cooked pasta & topped with parm cheese. I think we were both happy and I am sure the Grands will be enjoying the pasta tomorrow for lunch . Just a hunch!


10 thoughts on “Everybody’s Happy!

  1. Elyse

    Oh my goodness, Bethy! Both dishes look delicious, especially the pasta. I’m very impressed/appalled that you make two meals. My attitude is: If you don’t like what I made, too damn bad! (Of course, you’ve been successfully married for much longer than me, so what do I know?)

  2. andrewsbeth

    Just keepin’ the man happy!That is one small thing I can do for him. It is all about the give and take. Been together 36 years, married 32. Love you Bobby!

  3. Carolyn Galizio

    That pasta looks wonderful! But honestly, so does the meat dish! But the pasta dish looks the best, no… the meat dish does…..no, really the pasta….. well, maybe both!


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