Sprouts Day 2

OK the sprouts soaked over night and This morning I rinsed them 3 times leaving the jar tilted with the screen side down still allowing air circulation. I should mention I am using a fine screen right now that allows the water to drain without all the seeds leaving the jar and going down the drain. As you can see in the photo the seeds have begun to sprout already. I will rinse at least 2 to 3 times a day. By request less post, more photo.

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About Kim Galizio

I am involved in 2 blogs. For Lettuce Never Squash Our Love - I have a great desire to support our local farm community and joining a CSA was one way to do that. In the process we found it fascinating to explore what we can do with our CSA box and what others are doing as well. For Lean is Good - My first exposure to lean was in 1991 as TPM coordinator for 10 years at a rubber manufacturing facility. I love the blues both playing and listening being part of the Kent music scene for many years. I will plug the Kent Stage for Folk and Blues shows and go see 15-60-75 the numbers band whenever they are playing it will be worth it.

3 thoughts on “Sprouts Day 2

  1. theneighborboys

    Kim, maybe I’m just a big dork, but I’ve enjoyed learning about the sprouts. I’ve never known anyone to grow their own, and I have personally only bought them in plastic containers at the grocery store. So it’s interesting to see the process.

    1. Kim Galizio Post author

      That was for the benefit of Carolyn who felt I got a little long winded in the first post with a little tiny picture. My thoughts were to do this day by day. So day 3 will be up. We should have some extras from this batch for you.


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