Travels and salsa

The neighborboys have been on a travel adventure for the long weekend, which explains our blog absence.  We made a small loop through Pittsburgh and Buffalo – a busy but fun couple of days.  The first highlight was our stop at Fallingwater.  We’re big fans of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the house is arguably is his most famous and most photographed.  It was a thrill to tour it, and since we had tickets for the first tour of the day, we had the luxury of time to take lots of pictures and enjoy a quieter experience in nature.  The only thing the house was missing was the smell of a smoker and the sounds of friends sharing dinner outdoors!

Our time in the Buffalo included chicken wings at the Anchor Bar – the place that originated the Buffalo wing – and dinner alfresco in downtown Niagara Falls.  The weather was beautiful, so after dinner we drove over to Canada to enjoy a stroll on the Canadian side of the Falls.  Even Dusty enjoyed the beautiful views!  Our spoiled little boy is now an international traveler who has visited 12 states in less than a year.  Quite a life.

While we were gone, the best neighbors on earth were kind enough to pick up our CSA box (thanks again!), and it was definitely tomato-basil week.  Because of that, I decided to try my hand at making salsa this evening.  It’s improvised with onion, garlic, tomato, basil, green pepper, a touch of cilantro, salt and pepper, and shredded cheese.  One thing I did copy from an online recipe, though, is an idea for blanching the onion and garlic.  Rather than boiling and then shocking, I read a recipe that suggested putting the ingredients in a strainer and then pouring two cups of boiling water over them.  It worked just fine but didn’t require shocking in ice water.  I’d be curious to know if anyone else has done something similar, and I’d especially be interested in whether any real chefs do this.  Beth, what do you think Martha would say?  A quick method for some applications or a poor shortcut?


5 thoughts on “Travels and salsa

  1. theneighborboys Post author

    PS Jeff took that picture of Fallingwater. Just had to brag, because I think it looks great!

  2. jeffchild

    Ha so the first I knew about this wonderful salsa was on the blog. It’s fantastic. It’s the type of natural with a little kick salsa that feels so healthy to eat type :). It’s sooo good to be home again.

  3. andrewsbeth

    I love the picture of the Fallingwater. That is so amazing! You sure covered a lot of ground during your weekend. Dusty is one lucky pup!

    As for Martha, let me see, I will try to be diplomatic with this one. I think she would say that your new method is helpful if in a pinch and you are rushed for time. Kudos for thinking outside the box. But the tried and true methods she is known for, are still predominetly the way things are and should be done. (But who knows, I am no Martha! There is only one!, Oh, I am bowing down right now.)

    As for myself, I will be trying that. So much quicker with less pans and stuff! We love salsa in this house!

  4. Carolyn Galizio

    As soon as I saw that lovely photo of Fallingwater I instantly was transported to the smell of the woods and the sweet sound of rushing water! And to think it’s only 2 hours away! Loved the pot of Dusty and Jeff by the Falls also. I went to the Anchor Bar and had wings once on a trip coming back from Massachusetts and honestly, there was an Elvis impersonator performing that night!

    Your salsa looks wonderful! I love fresh salsa any way that it’s created! I am so glad that you had so much fun on your trip. Remind me to tell you what Fabio said at the market. His darling partner was at home awaiting the birth and not yet at the hospital!

  5. Kim Galizio

    Care took the words right out of my mouth. The photo of falling water is fantastic. We were talking tonight about going there again in the near future. Thanks for the post.


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