Back home and tonight’s simple dinner!

It has  been a fun weekend.  Hardly any cooking involved. We had our annual block party at the lake. Which means lots of dancing and fried walleye & perch , even a fresh batch fried up at 2AM! (Thanks Bill!)  Plus lots of other pot luck dishes that everyone brings.  We had a great band , followed by some Kareoke! Fun times!  So now, back home to my CSA box. Thanks to Care & Kim for picking mine up too. I decided to make a simple dinner of pork chops, all of the fresh beans from our box & risotto. The beans  looked so beautiful, I just steamed them for 8 minutes. I made a little sauce to toss with them. It consisted of butter, lots of Matt’s outstanding garlic chopped , a little sugar, lemon juice ,  S&P. I also sliced the tomatoes and just sprinkled  pepper on them. They were like candy! Peace out! ( Inspired by the band’s shirts!)


3 thoughts on “Back home and tonight’s simple dinner!

  1. Carolyn Galizio

    Looks wonderful and tasty too! Um, these travel posts make me want to go somewhere! While you were all out and about , Kim and I were hard at work and also listening to the Newport Folk Festival on Saturday and Sunday and planning to vacation there next summer! Kim made some wonderful food this weekend too, and we got to listen to Elyse sing with the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom! I am sure that he will post soon, too.

  2. jeffchild

    Carolyn is such a life saver, isn’t she? What would we have done this week without her picking up our boxes. The party sounded like so much fun. I look forward to seeing what Tom will make with our beans


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