Ohio City Ravioli! And of course,that other dinner.

Has anyone else  had the ravioli from Ohio City Pasta? I did tonight , and  it is so delicious. The pasta flavor was not marked on the box, only the smoked mozzerella cheese that it was filled with. But, I do think the pasta flavor was tomato &  basil or something like that. I just made my usual quick sauce. Olive oil, the last of Matt’s garlic, & a few red pepper flakes. I simmered that on the stove, never burning the garlic. That ruins it right now. Makes everything bitter.  I boiled the ravioli for 6 minutes.  Added that to the olive oil. HAPPY!  Of course  Bobby would not partake.  He’ll have none of that. Why? We all know the answer by now. There is no meat involved!  He had Duma’s thick cut porkchop grilled with BBQ sauce. I did add the last of Matt’s zucchini to his rice. The corn was from Rufeners and it was quite tasty.  But, still up for debate. ( Throwdown, August 6th) I am looking forward to trying more of the ravioli’s. A new find!


3 thoughts on “Ohio City Ravioli! And of course,that other dinner.

  1. theneighborboys

    We have some Ohio City Pasta ravioli in the freezer. I’ve been craving it ever since we bought it, but I just haven’t made the time to cook it. Soon, though! Both of your dinners looks great. I can tell that it would be very dangerous for me to be at your home for dinner, because I would want to eat it all – pasta, pork, corn, rice – how could anyone pass up any of that great food?!

  2. jeffchild

    I agree with Tom. That corn, rice, and BBQ chicken plate makes my mouth water! You’re a great cook!!

  3. carolyngalizio

    Happy Anniversary! I am so glad that you posted and showed the ravioli because now I have to buy some of that! The zucchini also looks so great, and that’s the last veg in my box this week!

    I agree with both neighbor boys- the pork looks great too!


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