Summer Corn, Grilled Pork Chops, Fresh Salad All Local!

Simple, no frills, all local, this is what summer is about. Like everyone else it has been too hot to want to heat up the kitchen much so everything was cooked outside on the grill.

We picked up our Birdsong Farms CSA from Matt at the Haymaker Farm Market on Saturday. We had a wonderful talk and he mentioned a few stories of his son and left us with a great quote “rain is a farmers Prozac” We had quite a few treats in our box but sliced the cuke, got a few cherry tomatoes off the deck and used the mesclun greens for a nice fresh salad. We stopped at Dumas Meats and got our favorite 2″ thick pork chops. Dumas as noted on our fellow foodie Catherine Goodall’s blog (welcome we are Tom and Jeff’s neighbors)  is a local treasure where they raise the beef and sell on site. The pork and chicken are local as well. We began using Duma meats regularly when Butcher Boy Meats closed. We miss them they were a Kent icon. One thing about Duma Meats they are the nicest folks and we were impressed with the concern and care shown for the elderly customers there on Saturday. So while I may have some philosophical issues with what is on their labels (check it out yourself) they are wonderful and caring people and the have a great product as well. I cannot say enough about their store.

I prepared the pork chops with only Penzeys Florida Seasoned Pepper and plopped them on the grill for about 7 minutes each side. I had also started a pot of water and we had real local Ohio corn from Rufener’s Farm Market in Suffield. There is an ongoing battle of whose corn is the best Rufener’s or Szalay’s so there will be a cook off soon!! So nothing fancy no special seasonings no special cooking just great local food, a little butter, little salt and pepper. What could be better!

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About Kim Galizio

I am involved in 2 blogs. For Lettuce Never Squash Our Love - I have a great desire to support our local farm community and joining a CSA was one way to do that. In the process we found it fascinating to explore what we can do with our CSA box and what others are doing as well. For Lean is Good - My first exposure to lean was in 1991 as TPM coordinator for 10 years at a rubber manufacturing facility. I love the blues both playing and listening being part of the Kent music scene for many years. I will plug the Kent Stage for Folk and Blues shows and go see 15-60-75 the numbers band whenever they are playing it will be worth it.

12 thoughts on “Summer Corn, Grilled Pork Chops, Fresh Salad All Local!

  1. carolyngalizio

    Oh, that first bite of fresh local corn from either Rufener’s or Szalay’s is always my favorite! About the pork chops- I never thought I liked pork chops that much except for the ones that Kim’s Mom used to get from Butcher Boy. Turns out I really love the extra thick cut. We only get them once in a while because we no longer eat that much meat, but they were delicious!

  2. andrewsbeth

    That dinner looked so good! I am looking forward to the first “real” ear of corn. We have not gotten any yet, but will soon. I am with you. I love Duma’s too. And you are right, they are so good with the people no matter how crowded the store is.

  3. andrewsbeth

    I am sorry ,but my heart is with Szalay’s. I lived in that area for a long time and have many good memories of going there with my daughters. After we would take a nice walk in the Metro Park , we would get corn, bring it home and cook it up! So, we will see. I think we should also have a neutral person, maybe Jeff, select the corn from both places. How do I know, you won’t look for crappy ears at Szalay’s Kim?!

    1. carolyngalizio

      Kim is sitting next to me and says,”There are no crappy ears from Rufener’s!”
      I told Benji this morning what our plan is and his opinion is that while Rufener’s sometimes has fantastic corn, they don’t always. (Benji’s words) He thinks that Szalay’s is more consistently great. I told him that we did not choose him as a judge because I knew he would say that!

      1. Kim Galizio Post author

        There is no Neutrality Agreement in the Corn Wars!! Whose side are you on NEIGHBOR!!! (hint Rufeners)

  4. jeffchild

    I love the smack talking prep on the corn contest! The meal looks great. I use to eat pork chops all the time growing up from on the grill with BBQ sauce cooked into them. Oh the memories of being young haha

  5. theneighborboys

    Hooray for the start of corn on the cob season. I can’t bring myself even to light a grill in this weather, but hopefully we will do much grilling in August. (Because, please, please, it will cool down just a little, right?)

    By the way, fellow foodies, anybody know anything about the sign for Mr. D’s on 43 as you go north past Roosevelt? Where and when and what such a store will entail? It looks like the kind of store we would all shop at!

  6. Elyse

    I don’t think I’ve had corn from either place, and being from Indiana and growing my own for most of my young life, I’d say I’m a pretty good judge. It’s on!

    1. Elyse

      P.S. Is there anywhere we can pick our own? There’s nothing like tearing it from the stalk, shucking it in the garden, and sticking it directly into boiling water to cook.

      1. carolyngalizio

        I don’t know, but we buy it from Rufener’s in the big bag, maybe a bushel, to freeze. I just used two bags that I froze from last year in the corn potato chowder I made, and it was still sweet. Kim and I just made what I think may be the best pizza I have ever had! Post to come! And yes, Elyse, your Indiana heritage helped you qualify to be a judge!

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