Mussels & Matt’s Garlic!

Thank you Barefoot Contessa, this is her recipe. Best mussels I have ever made.  Her recipe says  cook the mussels in olive oli & white wine for 5 min. And I did, but the yummy part is the bread crumb mixture you toss them with after they are cooked. It consists of  white bread cut into cubes, toasted.  A lot of garlic from our farmer Matt, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, toasted pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, basil, S & P. Everything goes into the food processor. When the mussles are done you stir the mixture in with the cooked mussels. Soak the juices up with the bread. Are you with me Kim? Can you say this goes with corn!?


10 thoughts on “Mussels & Matt’s Garlic!

  1. carolyngalizio

    Yeah, baby! Now that I know I love mussels, I would love to try them this way!
    Love the photo of the kids, and that was a long way to haul all of that food all the way to the pool!

  2. theneighborboys

    Looks like a fun summer dinner! And the recipe sounds like it only makes mussels even better. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  3. Sandy at the Lake

    Mussels is one of my favorites and that sounds delicious. Love the picture too. We’ll have to try that here at the Lake. A fun dinner. See you at the lake soon.

  4. dfriend

    Had a chance to dive into that dish poolside yesterday, absolutely the best mussels I have EVER eaten. Thanks to Beth and that barefoot lady too!

  5. Sandy at the Lake

    Mussels are one of my favorites. This recipe sounds delicious. Good one to have at the lake Beth. Loved the pictures too!

  6. andrewsbeth

    The recipe is actually called Mussels and Basil Bread Crumbs 2010,Barefoot Contessa How easy is that? If you like mussels I really recommend this recipe. The kids all went crazy for it!

  7. Kim Galizio

    ” Are you with me Kim? Can you say this goes with corn!?
    Yes I am with you and excited to try this one!
    And Yes this should go well with RUFENER’s Corn!!

  8. andrewsbeth

    Hi Sandy! So good to hear from you! I know you love mussels a lot too. I will make them at the lake for sure! Soon! Dave said they would be good over pasta too. And, he is right. Can’t wait to see you guys!

  9. andrewsbeth

    Hey dfriend, thanks for joining in! Your salsa would have been post worthy too!Outstanding. Tomatoes from your own garden. See you soon! And I mean that, as in tomorrow!


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