Pizza and pasta

Our usual Saturday pasta got downgraded just a bit to a side dish tonight – or at least to a co-main dish.  Tonight we tossed zucchini, green beans, and garlic with the roasted red pepper pasta.  Also, slices of french bread were topped with pizza sauce (we cheated with the bottled stuff), mozzarella, green pepper, garlic, and fresh basil.

It was a simple meal, but we managed to use quite a few fresh ingredients to create yummy comfort food on this cloudy evening.

By the way, while I adore getting garlic and green beans in each week’s box, the four zucchini are already taunting me as a bit of a challenge this week!  At least we’re off to a good start, with one down on Saturday.


7 thoughts on “Pizza and pasta

  1. andrewsbeth

    I love the idea of making french bread pizza’s. Did you broil them? Tom, I got a recipe from a neighbor, again the one from Romania, man, she could cook, for meatloaf. She used a cup of grated zucchini in it. I have lost the recipe, but I gave it to Nana Jan and I think she still had it. I can post that if we can find it! Everyone said it was so moist and tatsty.

    1. theneighborboys Post author

      I love the idea of zucchini in a meatloaf! I’m going to do that soon. And yes, I toasted the bread for a couple of minutes under the broiler, added toppings, and back into the broiler just to melt the cheese. Doesn’t require much time (or oven heat!).

  2. Cat

    Tom, if I can handle the spawn of FIVE beastly zucchini plants, I have full faith that a gourmet chef such as yourself can laugh in the face of four zucchini! Looking forward to seeing what you make this week. 🙂

    1. theneighborboys Post author

      Hi Cat. I knew you (and perhaps others) would accuse me of being a softy for trembling in the face of such a minor challenge as four little zucchini. But I worked so hard this spring to prevent myself from planting zucchini (or much of anything). Instead, I was so excited for the variety of the CSA. Thankfully, we’ve all been blessed with a nice mix of veggies, so I’m a bit spoiled! I’m sure your blog will provide some great ideas too!

  3. jeffchild

    I love the French bread pizzas…..always a small tasty crutch and it’s so easy to dress them up differently. I know Kim and Carolyn also do this really well with dough and more options but here’s a smaller variation on that theme 😉

  4. carolyngalizio

    I love the idea of making little pizzas on french or italian bread. Whenever we have a party for some reason we always have bread left over and forget to give it to anyone. I usually make french toast with it but I will try this!
    I also LOVE zucchini and I could eat it daily along with corn on the cob, so it doesn’t bother me to have too much!


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