Upon reflection and comparison, I’ve realized that my role on this blog, much like my role in the rest of my life, is to show how you can reach delicious endings through poor planning and general disregard for social convention.   So far I’ve told you about my inability to deal with swiss chard, how you can eat fried eggplant for dinner, and that I am too lazy to cook.  No wait! I mean it was too hot!

But tonight, boys and girls, I will tell you how after forgetting to eat dinner until after I went running (+1 me!) and it was 9pm I rubbed my two neurons together and made the most beautiful thought.  Pan-fried eggplant.  Allow me to share my thought progression:

  • I guess I am hungry.  Did I eat dinner?  No?  That can’t be right.  Well, I did eat two skinny cow ice cream cones in direct succession at 2.
  • There is an eggplant on the counter.  I heard someone refer to the insides of an eggplant as the ‘meat’.  That totally means it’s a standalone dinner food.
  • If you can fry it, you can pan fry it.
  • I better microwave these bad boys because last time they were kinda raw in the middle  (salt & pepper, 5 minutes)
  • Sassy hot pan, sassy hot tuscan herb olive oil.  Couple few minutes on each side.

    Hot and brown, just like I like my men?

  • These look like they need something.  Jarred arrabiata sauce and some cheese.  Bingo.
  • Broil broil broil.

MAGIC.  So delicious.  If it weren’t closing in on 10pm I’d go dispense with the other eggplant in the exact same manner.  But seeing as how it is rather near 10, it’s time for a bourbon rickey.

Not so pretty, but oh-so-fabulous.


2 thoughts on “I’m a GENIUS.

  1. andrewsbeth

    First of all , how did you run in this heat? Oh, wait, you are young. And ,you forgot about dinner? We are on a different page. But your zucc’s look so good. That is one of my most favorite things too!


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