It’s too-oo-oo darn hot

It’s too hot to cook. 90 degrees in the house. This sounds like a job for takeout!


Extra spicy Pad Thai and mango bubble tea from Thai Spice in westlake. Mmmmmmmm. The start to a perfect evening of compulsive reading. If you haven’t yet read The Hunger Games trilogy, you need to. NOW! It’s been years since I was so arrested and consumed by a book this way.


4 thoughts on “It’s too-oo-oo darn hot

  1. jeffchild

    I love Pad Thai. Indian spices are so yummy. I have yet to take Tom to the great place over in Stow that serves all types of yummy Indian food. Looks like a cozy night!

  2. carolyngalizio

    Looks great, and so does the book! We have a little place called Thai Gourmet that is in a strip mall in stow that has wonderful pad thai. I think that we need some soon!


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