On a 90 degree day?!?  Clearly, I’m out of my mind, because on this hot day (with the air conditioner turned on, mind you) I made a potato chowder for dinner.  I just can’t help myself.  The vegetable broth in the refrigerator just keeps nagging at me.  Plus, now our boxes include great potatoes and aromatics like garlic and carrots.  Whenever such ingredients are in my kitchen, they just beg to be turned into a soup of some kind.

I fear my secret is out that when you hand me a bunch of vegetables and tell me to cook dinner you’re like to get either a stir-fry with pasta or a soup.  There won’t be any need for me to post anything soon, because it will just be a variation on a theme.  But I simply love the flexibility of such one- (or sometimes two-) pot meals to accept whatever produce you have on hand.

Tonight I fried a couple slices of bacon in a big saute pan and added onion.  Then I put in diced potatoes, carrots, peas, corn (frozen), garlic, and about two cups of broth.  I let that boil for 10 minutes or so before adding salt and pepper, paprika, sage, and parsley to taste.  About 1 T. of flour and a cup of milk turned it from a soup to a chowder, and I served it with a sprinkle of cheese and more parsley.

Call me crazy for cooking it on July 17th, but I savored every bite!


5 thoughts on “Chowder?

  1. carolyngalizio

    First of all your photo was stunning! Second of all there is hardly anything better than potato corn chowder, in my humble opinion! And with the fresh potatoes, I will make this today!

  2. carolyngalizio

    I just made raspberry chicken, and it was so very delicious that Kim and I were licking our lips! Inspired by Tom’s dish, of course! We also had steamed new potatoes and sauteed fresh zucchini, courtesy of Birdsong Farm! Thank goodness for air conditioning, because this heat is ridiculous!
    Tomorrow I am making potato corn chowder, also inspired by Tom! No planning for our menu here!

    1. theneighborboys Post author

      Carolyn – Where are the pictures? The comments? The alterations to the recipe? How can I learn from your experiences if you don’t share these important details? 😉

  3. jeffchild

    I affectionately called this the beef stew night without beef, without brown but white sauce and all sorts of great flavors in my mouth!


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