Kale a Rustic Italian Way

It is difficult to follow Grandpa Perry, but someone has to do it! I used the lovely young kale we got in our CSA from Birdsong Farm in a pasta dish. It was so good that even though easy, I decided to share it because you certainly could make this with any good greens. I think the more ‘bitter” the better, but I also love broccoli rabe and the like. You might not, so use baby spinach or something as a substitute. I sauteed the kale with good olive oil and some garlic, being careful not to burn the garlic. I added a little chicken broth and a splash of wine. (That part was inspired by Tom!) Simmered a little for probably 5 minutes because the kale was young and fresh. We were so lucky to have two leftover cooked mild Italian chicken sausage links from the West Side Market, so I sliced them and added them to the kale mixture just to warm through. We also had the tomato basil pasta from Ohio City Pasta left, so I cooked that and dumped it into the pan as well. When I plated it, I grated parmesan cheese over the whole thing. I drizzled just a touch of the Leccino olive oil from The Olive Scene and it was so very delicious! And altogether it took probably 15 minutes tops!

We had a salad using the beets and the beans from the farm market, and lettuce from our CSA box. So good!

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Kim and I are the parents here. We've been married a long time and love to be in the kitchen together. Over the years we have become more interested in eating food that is not only delicious, but also healthy and as local as possible. Kim likes to make meat, and I like to make vegetarian dishes . Just what happens at our house! We happen to really love all of the others who write on this blog!

4 thoughts on “Kale a Rustic Italian Way

  1. carolyngalizio Post author

    Um, the photo was Kim’s plate, and he obviously likes to go heavy on the cheese! Everyone really wants to do that, so I am sort of proud of him that he just goes for it!

  2. theneighborboys

    Looks delicious! I’ve had this open bottle of wine on my counter for weeks (or at least it seems like weeks, maybe it’s only 6 or 7 days). But I use that as an excuse to add a splash to everything. Some for the pan; some for the cook; everyone’s happy!


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