He loves a good meal…

G.P. enjoying some of the carrots and potatoes from our Birdsong haul tonight.  He’s free for dinner tomorrow night, any takers?? 


8 thoughts on “He loves a good meal…

  1. theneighborboys

    I laughed so hard at this picture!!! Thanks for sharing. I love the carrots we got this week too, GP.

  2. carolyngalizio

    Oh my goodness! He was wound up when i was with him for the short time in the pool today! He must have been excited about the upcoming meal! How did everyone like the chicken sausages?

  3. andrewsbeth

    As you can see, we had a good time last night. Everyone loved the sausages from The West Side Market. Browning them and then putting them in the crockpot with peppers , onions and a can of tomotoes , made it so easy. GP did not have any wine! But, he was having fun with the kids.


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