Pasta Pomodoro a la Fabio

Jeff and I privately refer to the Ohio City Pasta guy as Fabio.  (All you fans of Top Chef will hopefully recognize the reference.  I can’t remember his real name.  While I might be wrong, for some reason I think it starts with an “A” – Antonio?  Andy?  Alberto?  Anybody out there who can help jog my memory?)  Anyway, this past Saturday he spent several minutes gesticulating broadly while he described pasta pomodoro as only a passionate Italian could.

He described blanching the tomatoes, using lots of garlic and basil and olive oil, and topping it all with fresh herbs cut “after rolling up tightly – as in – you know – like – chiffonade style, yes?  You know chiffonade?”  I can’t accurately describe his syncopated speaking style and the mix of inspiration and (just a touch of) condescension as he described for us how to blanch a tomato and cut basil.  But the whole experience made us smile as Saturday mornings at the market always do this summer, so tonight I made pasta pomodoro in honor of our conversation.

I added green peppers and onion and scallions to simmer in a bit of chicken broth, as well as just a touch of tomato paste.  But otherwise it was just the rustic Italian meal he described.  I used both lemon basil pasta and the red pepper pasta, and their amazing flavor made for a great dinner.


8 thoughts on “Pasta Pomodoro a la Fabio

  1. carolyngalizio

    I know exactly the guy you are referring to, and I can’t remember his name either, but I loved him! Bethy will remember. But Fabio fits anyway, so let’s refer to him as Fabio. I was just wondering what is going to happen when our Fabio’s partner gives birth in just under two weeks! Aside from our Birdsong farmer Matt, who I just love, those two at Ohio City Pasta I feel we have a real relationship with!
    Your meal looks devine. I love fresh sauce. It is rustic and delicious. I can teach you Grandma Galizio’s sauce too, but it is too heavy for the fresh pasta, we think.

  2. andrewsbeth

    I can’t remember his name either, but I do know Fabio from Top Chef. I can’t remember who won the specific show he was on though, just Fabio. And, you are right, Ohio City Pasta man reminds me of him. I do love mixing the different flavors of the pasta and your dish looks very inviting! Looks like a meatless dish, correct? The mixed herb pasta is my favorite so far.

  3. Casey

    It’s more than a touch of condescension when he talks to me. I literally can’t stand that guy. I didn’t buy any pasta last week because I had to avoid him! Nice light for your picture though…looks yummy!

    1. theneighborboys Post author

      Thanks for the lighting compliment. Your pictures always inspire me, Casey, so your advice on natural lighting is a lot of what made this one look nice. I love the evening light that comes in our kitchen window.

      And by the way, if you think Fabio can be condescending, you should try being a man under the age of 40 in Penzey’s. The women there know how to talk down too. I guess we all bring assumptions and biases. All you can do sometimes is laugh and surprise people!

  4. jeffchild

    What I found annoying was last week when there were seventeen million peoplein line and Fabio it teaching the woman in front of s how to make gnocchi that floats to the top and the woman kept gging him on lol


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