Kale, two ways!

I ate kale two times today! I forgot the bag was still in the box. So, the first thing I made were kale chips. I roasted them in the oven on parchment paper. 400 degrees 5-8 min. 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp chili powder & pinch salt. Tossing once. They kind of dissolve in your mouth. I liked them , but not sure everyone would. Plus, they had some heat from the chili powder. (Allrecipe.com) The second was just an omelet for lunch. The kale is so fresh and young, I didn’t even cook it. I just chopped it up and put it in the omelet.  It wilted from the heat of the eggs.  I also grated some parm cheese over it. I finished the kale, but have not done that great so far this week with the lettuce. GP talks about a lettuce soup recipe his Mother used to make. Maybe, Ill see what he knows about that! ( GP finished the kale chips.)


3 thoughts on “Kale, two ways!

  1. carolyngalizio

    We finished all of the lettuce but honestly forgot about the kale! I promise tomorrow I will use it in two omelets for lunch. That looks great, and I just may give them to some grandparents. We will see!

  2. theneighborboys

    Kale chips sound so interesting. I’ll have to try my hand at them. I stopped by Penzey’s today, so I even have some new spice mixes I could try in place of the chili powder. How crispy did they get for you?


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