And so it begins..

This week was the first week we really had a taste of just HOW. MUCH. PRODUCE. we should expect.

This week’s haul included three kinds of peppers, yellow squash, a perfect eggplant, lettuce, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, snap peas, bok choy, and cucumber. Plus, there is always a sign for CSA members to “Help Yourself” to fresh herbs in giant pots outside the greenhouse. Don’t mind if I doooo.

Here’s a picture!

We’ve been warned by Dean’s Greenhouse that we will be getting more and more over the next 6-8 weeks. Kim, when is your canning class?


6 thoughts on “And so it begins..

  1. carolyngalizio

    Is that big bag green beans?
    One of my favorite parts of this adventure is thinking of new ways to eat some good produce we may not have had before.
    Kohlrabi, for instance. What will you do with it this time?

      1. Elyse Post author

        No, the green beans are in a little bag in the front right. The big bags are lettuce and spinach. Chris did most of the work for the kohlrabi cakes! The big question is what the heck do I do with that Swiss chard?

  2. carolyngalizio

    Casey grows a lot of swiss chard in her garden at home, so we should ask her what to do with it. When I picked hers when she was on vacation I made a frittata one time and put it together with pasta another time. Both were great, but that’s what I do with everything, pretty much. No recipe.


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