Countless Salads Abound (CSA)

It sometimes seems like our menu has changed to a game of “What kind of salad would you like tonight?”  Tonight’s answer: taco salad.  More specifically, Dorito taco salad – one of Jeff’s favorites.  It’s messy, yummy comfort food cooking, and it conveniently uses up at least some of our lettuce from this week.

We hope everyone else is enjoying the beautiful summer day!



5 thoughts on “Countless Salads Abound (CSA)

  1. andrewsbeth

    You are so right! What a great idea, and who doesn’t love Dorito’s!! Jeff, so good to see you tonight at Carolyn & Kim’s. Tonight’s dinner at Carolyn & Kim’s was alright. (You know how they are ,lunchmeat sandwiches again) but I’m still waiting for that pot luck blog party. You can all come to my house!

    **Lunchmeat disclaimer, no lunchmeat was involved at the Galizio house tonight. it was of course as usual ,an outstanding meal at Carolyn & Kim’s. LOVED the smoked portabella mushrooms! Thanks Kim. They always set the bar so high! Love you both. Yes, I said both, I had some wine:))

    Jeff, how was the spelling??

      1. jeffchild

        Ha the spelling was great! It was so great seeing you too! I am the ultimate party crasher. I love the idea of the pot luck block party! Kim and Carolyn are outstanding! I had some of that amazing jam tonight with dinner…..yummmmmm.

  2. carolyngalizio

    Nice! As soon as Jeff came over last night and told Bethy and I about the taco salad, we instantly looked at each other and remembered how much we loved that dish! Thanks for the suggestion, Tom! Thanks Bethy, for the compliment and for your help and food! It was really fun! How sweet are those babies?! They have such wonderful parents.


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