This week’s potato plan

So you might have noticed that the neighbor boys haven’t posted any dishes of their own lately.  That’s because we’ve been mooching off our neighbors for several delicious meals lately.  We have had a fantastic holiday, with two evenings spent on the deck eating incredible food and an evening walk for junk food (funnel cake and kettle corn) in downtown Kent.

But tonight I’m finally back in the kitchen, and we’re having peas, salad, mashed potatoes, and ham.  It feels reminiscent of Easter dinner to me, but the fresh ingredients along with a good appetite from a day of working in the yard will make it all taste great, I’m sure.  Be sure to note the festive flag napkins in the background of the picture too!

Though nothing I’m cooking tonight is particularly creative, I like to think that one of my modest talents in the kitchen is making a plan for the week to minimize effort and reuse some staple item that I can cook in bulk early in the week.  With that in mind, I’m boiling and mashing all of our potatoes tonight.  That will allow me to make a white pizza later this week, as well as some potato bread another night.  The CSA certainly demands an ongoing commitment and plan.  I’ll let you know how it works out with future dishes this week!









8 thoughts on “This week’s potato plan

  1. jeffchild

    We also had sone of the five minute bread Tom blogged about earlier. It was whole whea, garlic, and onion? De-lic-ious! It was heavier bread, which is my fav! I can’t wait fir white pizza night!!

  2. andrewsbeth

    I love, Tom , how you use and plan your food for other dinners. I realy shoud try to do this too. Makes great sense! And, there ain’t nothing wrong with a funnel cake! Jeff, check my spelling on ain’t!

    1. jeffchild

      Ha you know I totally just read over those and inserted the right letters in my mind. I guess we all do it when typing quickly. Good to know I’m not alone 😉

  3. theneighborboys Post author

    By the way, the latest New Yorker had a great cartoon in which a woman stood in her kitchen and said to her husband “How am I supposed to cook? The Internet is down.” Made me think of all of us!

  4. carolyngalizio

    Everything sounds wonderful! What you didn’t tell everyone is that you two designed and constructed a fire pit and brick patio in under a week! So I know how much work you did before you went into the kitchen!
    My “work” in the summer is cooking everything, and I love the idea of actually planning for the week! Kim and I have to do that in the school year so that we will be able to have quality, healthy meals. Makes for a better work week! And it will enable us to use all of the great produce effectively! In the summer we do have enough good company that we don’t have to think about it much!
    I can’t wait to hear how the white pizza turned out!

  5. carolyngalizio

    Speaking of mooching, I ate a grilled lunch at Bethy and Bob’s pool. Bethy sent leftovers home, so Kim and I ate the rest on the deck last night! No cooking whatsover!
    I truly love summer!


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