Livin’ Large at the Lake!

First off, I will start by saying I had nothing to do with any of the cooking for this post, nor did any Farmer’s Market food make it here either. But I will say, this is about eating foods that are local.  And, I don’t think it can get much more local then fresh caught Walleye from the lake.  The setting for this lovely meal is Lake Erie. Bill & Janet, our next door neighbors and great buddies, put on a wonderful fish fry for our group of friends , The U Crew, every year. (Sometimes more then a couple!) Bill, The Master Captain & fisherman, makes the best Walleye I have ever eaten. Fresh, flaky & fried to perfection!  Janet always sets a lovely buffet with all the great side dishes that the neighbors have brought to share.  Great times with friends and yummy food. Oh, and there just might  be some wine involved :)!


3 thoughts on “Livin’ Large at the Lake!

  1. Kim Galizio

    The sign I will be holding while I am standing in your driveway.
    “Will make jam for Walleye!”
    I have eaten so much this weekend and this has made me hungry again.

  2. theneighborboys

    It doesn’t get much better than fresh fish. Sounds like everyone is having a delicious holiday weekend!


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