Holiday weekend grilling

Tonight our “little brother” was over for a night of grilling as a kick-off to the holiday weekend.  The meal included foil potatoes on the grill (because he could help assemble those ingredients) as well as the requisite hamburgers and hot dogs.

The potatoes were our last from Birdsong Farm this week, which was great since he had been along for last week’s pick up.  We also ate the last of our peas.  I must admit that despite my valiant efforts, we still couldn’t finish all our lettuce this week.  But we’re ready to get back to the market tomorrow for a new set of yummy challenges.

Our evening ended with very gooey, very chocolatey s’mores.  That was a new food for our little brother, and it was a big hit.  Nights like this are what summer is all about!


6 thoughts on “Holiday weekend grilling

  1. jeffchild

    Ha we had a great time. He ate two and wanted a third in addition to his three hot dogs…..I don’t ever remember being able to slam back so much food. It was a great night.

  2. Kim Galizio

    It smelled great too! I have to say nothing better than a good burger or dog on the grill! We are looking forward to S’mores all weekend!

  3. jeffchild

    By the way, Toms hamburgers are the best. He dirties them up with all sorts of great stuff in them before grilling them. I haven’t ever had such great hamburgers……food coma time for sure!


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