What the Babies Just Ate!

OK! So it’s only Grammy posting, but I got permission from Benji and Tionna, who tell me almost daily what Lella and Emilia are eating from their Birdsong Farm haul, to tell everyone else what they are having for dinner! Tionna is so busy trying to keep up with two gloriously happy and active! 15 month old baby girls that when she actually sits down she probably just sits down! And Benji is waking up at around 4:00 AM to run before he goes off to engineering land, and he tries to take good care of at least one baby when he comes home. But as the Grammy I thought on occasion it would be fun to think about what these two beautiful baby girls are eating this summer! Today, Tionna made a frittata with sauteed thinly sliced potatoes and the shell peas from Birdsong Farm, garlic, and eggs, of course! Benji said that they LOVED it, and they also had toast with the jam that their Grampy Kim made the other day. He posted about that jam. It was red and black raspberries from Walnut Drive Gardens as well as strawberries from Krieger’s. Tionna said that the babies love the jam! We feel good about knowing that we pretty much know most all of the time that what these precious girls eat isn’t filled with any additives or chemicals, and most of the time we know that their food comes from close by where we live, and even who grows it! Not to quote Martha Stewart, but that “is a good thing!”

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About carolyngalizio

Kim and I are the parents here. We've been married a long time and love to be in the kitchen together. Over the years we have become more interested in eating food that is not only delicious, but also healthy and as local as possible. Kim likes to make meat, and I like to make vegetarian dishes . Just what happens at our house! We happen to really love all of the others who write on this blog!

6 thoughts on “What the Babies Just Ate!

  1. andrewsbeth

    I LOVE the babies!! They are growing so much everytime I see them. Must be all the wonderful food and love their parents are giving them. Ben & Tionna, you are both doing such a great job. Thank you for letting us all be a part of your girls lives and bringing them into ours! Much Love, XXOO Aunt Bethy

  2. jeffchild

    What a great shot of one of the baby’s hand. I love the story about what Tinonna and Benji are cooking. It’s amazing how they get it all done – fantastic parents that’s for sure!

  3. Kim Galizio

    I love it that the babies are getting fresh local food! It also made my day to know that they were the 1st (OK Care and I had some while I was canning it) to eat the jam. Thanks for allowing us to share in this.

  4. theneighborboys

    That is such a cute picture. We get worn out from a few hours with our little brother, so Benji and Tionna are complete heroes in our eyes. Especially that running at 4:00 am business. That’s just crazy! I’m lucky if my shoes are laced by 8 – although if you run at a sane hour any weekend, Benji, it could be fun to hit the trails together. Or are you aiming for any fall races?

    1. bgalizio

      I have been reserving the weekends for getting “some” extra sleep, and time with the littles, so I’ve been taking those days off. I haven’t raced in about 5 years, and don’t plan on it anytime soon – priorities have definitely changed!


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