Summer Fun!

 Oh, don’t you love summer?!  Some of the “kids” came over for dinner last night. (We missed you David & Brandon.) We cooked burgers-meat & veggie.  The kids are toasting with their burgers. ( Yes, I asked them to do that for the picture.) So the point of this post, is that we did it!  We used all the wonderful, sweet  lettuce that was in our box from Birdsong Farm. The last bit topping off our burgers.  It is Thursday, and I have an empty box waiting to be filled again.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Summer Fun!

  1. jeffchild

    Way to go – I love that we’re toasting to emptying the box! I don’t know how well we’re doing this week with emptying ours out. Last night was perfect to be outside, wasn’t it!

  2. andrewsbeth

    It was beautful out last night. I do feel good about using up all the lettuce. There was quite a bit there. Good luck with yours! And yes, you are right, toasting to another empty box!

  3. carolyngalizio

    I so very much love the sweet photo, and I, too, feel such a sense of accomplishment when we get to the “bottom of the box!” Last week I did so much better because the company ate almost two lovely heads of lettuce in one sitting! This week we have 2 green onions left and a little over half of the large head of lettuce that has the red tips. Tonight and tomorrow though, and it will be consumed!
    Good work!


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