I was trying to think of more ways to use this beautiful lettuce.  I love shrimp and always keep some in the freezer. ( I know Jeff will be all over this recipe :)) I made Creole pan fried shrimp from Cooking Light. It is just flour seasoned with Creole seasoning. Then dip in milk, then into panko crumbs. You lightly fry the shrimp in 2 tbsp olive oil. I had avocado and radishes.  I sprinkled store bought tortilla strips on it.  I love the hot, spicy shrimp on a bed of cold lettuce. This is not the most exciting dish, but we did eat a bunch of lettuce. Another surprise,  Bob had a steak as a side for this dinner.


6 thoughts on “Surprise…Salad!!

  1. carolyngalizio

    Yum, that looks so good! What a great way to use the lovely lettuce! Where did you get those tortilla strips- they look crunchy and good!?
    I laughed out loud when I thought of Bob having a steak with this, but he is also eating quite well this summer- or I mean, always!

  2. andrewsbeth Post author

    I got the tortilla strips in the produce part of Giant Eagle. They were good. Yes, I think Bob is doing just fine.

  3. jeffchild

    I love that Bob had a steak as the side to the shrimp salad. You know, I’m not a hugs shrimp fan but that looks really good. I do like breaded shrimp/fish and the whole dish looks great. You know Bethy – I would eat anything you cooked!

  4. andrewsbeth Post author

    I used Chef Paul Prudomme’s seafood blend. The magazine recommended Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning. I could not find that. The Chef Paul seasoning had some good kick to it. Thanks Jeff, one of these days, we should have a pot luck & everyone can bring a blog dish. I suggest we have it at Carolyn’s and Kim’s:)

  5. jeffchild

    I LOVE that idea. I’ll come and taste it all haha. Tom – will you cook us a yummy treat for the pot luck?


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