Pan roasted potatoes

I don’t feel like I’ve done anything creative or exciting in the past couple of days, but I also feel like I should contribute something to the blog.  So I thought I’d share tonight’s potato dish.  I cubed the potatoes and browned them in a bit of olive oil.

As they cooked, I tossed in a bunch of dill, garlic (too bad I didn’t have any scapes), red pepper flakes (because I feel there are very few dishes that can’t be improved by their inclusion), salt, and pepper.  While I prepared the rest of the meal, I added chicken broth and a bit of cooking wine a splash at a time and let the liquid simmer away.  At the end, I also squeezed in just a bit of lemon juice.

The dish is quite simple and straightforward – and just as good for breakfast as dinner.  I just love the flavors that develop from the yummy potatoes and the slow cooking process of gradually adding more herbs and liquid.


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