Pasta again!

   I am hooked on the Ohio City Pasta from the farmers market. It is a good thing I didn’t buy more of it.  For a vegetarian like me, (except for the occasional hot dog, I know, I admit it)  this place is a find! I hope to try all the flavors by the end of the summer. With such quality ingredients it doesn’t take much to make a tasty dish. I just added roasted asparagus from the farmers market, olive oil , sauteed garlic and shredded parm cheese. Lunch!


4 thoughts on “Pasta again!

  1. Kim Galizio

    I agree totally! I love your idea of the asparagus on top of the pasta, and you know how you just had those poached eggs at the Wild Goat? Well, I can’t poach an egg but Casey just showed me silicone egg poachers at Sur La Table today so I bought them. I am intending to place the poached eggs over the asparagus and the pasta. How do you shave that parmesan cheese? Is it just using a vegetable peeler?

  2. andrewsbeth Post author

    Yes, that is a vegetable peeler. Remember that tip I heard on The Food Network about poached eggs? A splash of vinegar in the water and they stay together. That would be great over the pasta too.

  3. jeffchild

    We also had Ohio City Pasta for lunch with Sassage. It was great. I know Tom and I have said we’ll keep getting the different kinds too. Todays choice was the tomato basil pasta – yummy!

  4. theneighborboys

    Beth, I’m completely obsessed with Ohio City Pasta too. I could eat a meal of it every single day, and they already recognize us and make suggestions. Unfortunately, the dish is never really worth posting – just toss pasta in a pot with a bunch of veggies, some oil, vinegar, garlic, onion, salt and pepper. Much like Casey’s salad idea, it’s more a ratio process of whatever I have on hand. Today’s lunch involved scallions, though, so there was at least one CSA ingredient!


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