As Jeff mentioned in the comments, we just grilled meat and potatoes tonight.  Since the grill was hot, I threw on several pieces of chicken and sausage as well, which I plan to incorporate into all kinds of dishes this week.  That should shorten my working time in the kitchen a bit, I hope.  We did at least manage to wash all the lettuce and shell the peas and get everything put away.  That in itself has become an important part of the Saturday ritual!

I thought in lieu of pictures of a hamburger, I would share a couple of food related sites that might be helpful.  I’m sure everyone knows and uses the biggies like epicurious, but the idea was on my mind because I looked up a new blog thanks to the recommendation from Casey this afternoon.  That site is  The top entry when I went has ideas for what to do with peas, so it seems perfect for us right now.  Also, the site search feature lets you type in any ingredient for ideas!  I hope to use it more this summer.

Another blog that I like sometimes is A Veggie Venture at this site:  I have a feeling I’ll use it more this summer for veggie ideas.

This winter and spring I loved making 5 minute bread.  It sounds crazy, but you can make delicious bread by just mixing yeast, flour, water, and salt and keeping it in your refrigerator for a week or more.  (The 5 minutes refers to the total mixing time.)  You never knead it, and just let it rise in the pan for a half hour before baking for a half hour.  You can cut off dough to make a loaf of any size, so Jeff and I would often make mini-loafs that were perfect for two to have warm bread with dinner.  What could be easier or better?  I first heard the idea on Splendid Table, and checked the book out of the library because the authors have lots of variations – herbs, cheeses, etc.  I’m happy to share my experience and recipes, but you can also check their website:

Lastly, I’ll mention one for laughs:  Cake Wrecks can get a little racy or crazy, but it’s often hilarious.

Anybody else have favorite web sites that we should all be visiting?


3 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Kim Galizio

    Tom, Thanks so much for these websites. Kim uses Epicurious, and I have used a couple recipes from Pioneer Woman, but I always and for sure trust all recommendations from you or from Casey. Kim and I wanted a simple dinner too, so we had trout on the grill, herbed steamed potatoes and fresh peas. It was so good, simply because of the freshness. I do now admire all the people from generations before me who always snapped all of their own peas! I actually developed a real green thumb!


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