New produce day!

We picked up our new box of veggies today. Kim has already shared what was in it. Well, I made a spring pea dip using the shelling peas. This is a Good Housekeeping recipe.  Recipe-1 lb shelled peas,blanched for 3 min. and then into the food processor with 1/4 c fresh mint leaves. Add  1/3 c ricotta cheese, 2 tbsp parm cheese, salt & pepper. The scallions were so good with the dip!

Our dog Marilyn, looks quite guilty for just thinking about getting into the dip! ( She got some nice treats for using such self contol!)

 For the main dish,I sauteed scallops and made a garlic, olive oil sauce. I put that over The Ohio City Pasta that we bought today. I used a mixture of spinach & red pepper pasta. For the sauce I just sauteed about 6 garlic gloves chopped and 1/4 or so cup of olive oil. Tossed the pasta into the pan. It has been so much fun reading everybody’s blogs and comments. I am so glad that Elyse came up with this idea! Good job!


6 thoughts on “New produce day!

  1. Kim Galizio

    Oooooh, that looks so elegant and delicious! I love the appetizer plate, when did you get that? And I love Marilyn’s toy bin that sits neatly at the side of your couch. I am going to make that dip!
    I am so full- will write later!

    1. andrewsbeth Post author

      Hi Care, you gave me that plate for my birthday. It has four bowls, but I just used one. Didn’t some group make it? I love it too!

      1. Kim Galizio

        Oh, yeah! I got it in Rocky River at The Olive Press store. A group of kids with special needs made it. I forgot, but it’s really pretty!

  2. jeffchild

    It all looks fantastic! I love that Marlyn has made camio! Say, this is totally a side note but Tom told me that the dress that Marlyn Monroe wore in the Seven Year Itch sold the other day for millions…we were going to bid 10 dollars so you could havd it for your room 🙂 I’m so suprised we weren’t competitive with our offer haha.

  3. theneighborboys

    That all looks so delicious! And I’m sure we’ll all benefit from some measurements and ingredients in this post. 😉

  4. andrewsbeth Post author

    Jeff, I heard about that dress being sold too. I think Debbie Reynolds was the one that sold it. She also owned Elizabeth Taylor’s , Cleopatra dress, I believe. Thanks for thinking of me during the bidding!!!


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