My First Post!

Hi, everybody!  Well, I went with Mom to the Farmer’s Market this morning and got all kinds of great stuff – arugula, scallions and potatoes from Birdsong Farms, “toast bread”, spicy alfalfa and radish sprouts, Peach Cobbler bread for breakfast and a carmelized onion pretzel that I ate for lunch today.

Before I went home, Mom gave me a head of lettuce from her CSA box – the really pretty purple and green lettuce.  Between that and the bread, I really wanted a big fat sandwich.  So that’s what Brian and I had for dinner tonight!

Here are the sandwich makings from the group up:

Toasted bread from the Farmer’s Market

Basil Mayo (made from mayonaise, basil from my pots o’herbs, lemon juice, salt and pepper)

Turkey lunchmeat

Thick cut bacon from Duma’s Meat Market

Birdsong Farms lettuce

Spicy sprouts from the Farmer’s Market

More Basil Mayo

And top with another slice of the toasted bread (obviously!)

Brian arranged the garnish and blue cheese stuffed olives on top – I hear there’s points for presentation.  Definitely yummy.  I’m looking forward to using the Ohio City pasta next!



8 thoughts on “My First Post!

  1. jeffchild

    Yay – it was so good seeing you at the farmer’s market today. Your sandwich sounds yummy – I’m a huge basil freek. How did you make your basil mayo? Looking forward to more fun posts from you, Melissa.

    1. jeffchild

      Oops – now that I read the recipie closer I see you put it – that sounds great. I’ll ask Tom to make it for us sometime – Tom please make us basil mayo 🙂

  2. andrewsbeth

    HI my sweet Melissa, that looks great!! Hi Brian! Tell us, how was that bread you bought from the market? We know it was good! I know Melissa will show us some good stuff!! Love you, Mom

  3. theneighborboys

    Welcome, Melissa! It was great to see you at the market this morning. I’m a little concerned about this reference to “points for presentation,” though. Who’s keeping score? Who’s in charge? Why don’t I know about this? 😛 Gosh, I’m going to have to work harder now!

  4. melandrews Post author

    Everyone else’s pictures are so pretty, I didn’t want to be a slacker 🙂 The bread was excellent – Mom, you should definitely get some from that stand next week!


  5. Kim Galizio

    Yeah Melissa! I am so happy that you are joining us, and I loved seeing that big sandwich! Your dining room also looks super cozy! When Chris and Elyse start reading this again they are not going to believe what we have all been up to! I have never made basil mayo, but we have loads of basil growing everywhere, so I will soon start.
    Thanks for the idea!
    Aunt Care


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