Bottom of the box…

Well I have used the last items in my veggie box. Just in time for the next supply. I made cajun , grilled shrimp wraps. I wrapped the shrimp in flatbread from the grocery with lettuce and blanched peas. Zucchini fritters as a side. I used the last of the garlic scapes in the fritters. I topped them with plain, Greek yogurt.

Shrimp marinade-cajun seasoning, a little ground mustard,tabasco sauce to taste, lemon juice, soy sauce, olive oil & a little sesame oil.

Zucchini fritters-grated zucchini-1 large zucchini, squeeze out  liquid with paper towels. Add onions, garlic scapes, pepper, 1 beaten egg & some flour. Make small patties. Fry in olive oil-5 min per side till brown.

Sorry Carolyn, I cannot measure!


6 thoughts on “Bottom of the box…

  1. theneighborboys

    The whole meal looks fantastic! We’re so lucky to have Kim and Carolyn living next door so we can taste-test each other’s dishes sometimes. If only Beth lived on the other side of us.

  2. Kim Galizio

    This meal looks great! What kind of wraps are those, and was Grandpa Perry on the receiving end of any of those little fritters? Those look right up his alley!

    1. andrewsbeth Post author

      Those are a light Italian herb flavored wrap that is by the deli counter. I really liked the shrimp in a wrap and I have never done that before. And yes, lunch for GP.

  3. jeffchild

    Bethy – this meal looks great and I even don’t like srimp. The Zuchini fritters look so unique and fun. You’re inspiring!

  4. andrewsbeth Post author

    Why thank you Jeff. Great to see you and Tom and your little buddy at the farmers market today!


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